3 Inch Coupler

Havoc ONLY Pommel Mounted Covertec
Coupler hilt alignment (ONLY for when ordering two hilts simultaneously) *
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You've asked for it, we delivered! A new, longer model coupler for adding that little bit of extra length to our Combat Class staff set ups. This new coupler has a solid core middle for better balance and weight, and sound separation. 


*NOTE: Just like our 1" model Coupler, this model DOES NOT work with the Wrath, Flex, or Hero sabers."


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Aaron Paige 25th Aug 2016

For that extra grip length on your saber staff.

The 3 inch coupler is about twice the size of the standard coupler. It is great for adding a bit of extra length to the gripable area of a staff. The double vents in the coupler also make for a nice loud saber staff. It is notably louder then when I have my regular pommels on due to the larger vents and their placement around the sides instead of the bottom like on a pommel.

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