1" Dual Diffused Colored Day Blade

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Finally. After much testing and trials we are able to bring you, the steadfast and enduring troopers and Con goers, a colored Day Blade for trooping when you can't or don't want to have your saber turned on because you can't compete with the sun, or the overhead lights during the many, MANY photo ops and stops you have during your weekend. These blades are light, as light as a normal blade, but offered to you in 4 colors with matching tips. They are dual diffused to help reduce overhead glare and standout as the color that's meant to be seen, however they will also light up brilliantly as they are contructed like our world famous blades. *Note: colored blades will affect the color of your blade if you have an off color from the blade color*

*NOTE: We do NOT glue our blade diffusion film to the blade. Please be careful when removing the dust cap, and when removing the blade from your saber not to allow the film to fall out. When we first entered this industry, we had noticed several of our competitors glued the film into their blades and had creasing/krinkling of the film right at the point where the blade flexes the most. Saber blades flex, even when just swinging or spinning around. If you keep the film stationary and the blade flexes, the film will crease. Not gluing the film in allows the film to spiral in on itself and flex with the blade. When we developed our blades, we chose not to glue our film in and it turned out that the film will last much longer without creasing. After many hundreds of blades, we can say that this method allows for a long lasting, even blade. We have blades in the house that have seen years of use with no creasing. The only thing is, you have to take care when removing the blade not to let the film drop out and use your included dust cap to keep dust out, and the film in.


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Michael Fischetti 11th May 2018

Blue and Red Day Blades

Excellent quality, I love the look of the blades during the day, it also enhances the red and blue respectively. The red blade hides the FOC function but that can be fixed by changing the FOC colors. I will definitely be buying these again.

KP 10th Oct 2017

Red and purple day blades + comparison to red enhanced day blade

I got a red one and a purple one. Both of them look awesome with the sabers powered down (sort of a metallic looking effect that glints in the sunlight), and when the sabers are lit, the blades enhance the LED colors beautifully. My red saber looks a true, deep, blood red, and my purple one looks downright magical. The ONLY complaint /word of caution I have is that the red day blade completely drowns out the contrasting Flash on Clash to the point where you can barely see the FOC at all. The good news is, the red enhanced day blade doesn't do this. (The purple regular day blade doesn't seem to affect the FOC nearly as much). If you've got a red saber that you plan to only use during the day, or that doesn't have a FOC, then the regular red day blade is perfect. If you've got a red saber with a contrasting FOC that you want to take advantage of, then you'll probably want the red enhanced day blade instead of this one. Either way, you're getting a gorgeous blade - it's just a matter of what you want to use it for.

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